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About SDU Open!

The International Collegiate Programming Contest organized by Transtelecom and SDU

The International Collegiate Programming Contest hosted by Transtelecom and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at Suleyman Demirel University, brings talented students from universities to participate in an epic programming battle. Students compete in teams to demonstrate their programming skills and problem solving abilities by attempting to solve 10 programming problems within a five hour period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prizes?

The winners will receive monthly scholarships for a full year in the amount of:
1st place - 100,000 KZT
2nd place - 80.000 KZT

3rd place - Gadgets from Huawei
Those teams who solve the very first of any 5 special questions out of 10 will get gifts. For both groups: Kazakhstan University Students(Bachelor) and others.

Who can participate?

Bachelor Students studying in Kazakhstan universities. Others can join without main prizes.

What if team formed up from students and non-students?

Team will participate without main prizes

How many people should be in a team?

Teams should be formed out of a maximum of 3 people.

How long does the competition last?

The contest will consist of 10 problems to be solved over a 5 hour period. The set of problems will span various levels of difficulty.

How will you submit your solutions?

We will be using CodeForces as the problem submission system. You can take a quick tutorial on how to use CodeForces.

Where can you find some sample questions?

Some sample questions can be found at: codeforces.com/problemset

Event schedule

Opening Registration for contest

Friday, 01 october 2021

10:00 AM

Students start to join for battle

Closing Registration

Friday, 15 october 2021

12:00 PM

The battle doors close

Sending invitation for contest

Sunday, 17 october 2021

09:00 AM

Students receive battle tickets

Starting of SDU Open

Sunday, 17 october 2021

11:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Battle time!

Unfreeze Leaderboard

Sunday, 17 october 2021

04:00 PM

Who are the winners?

Event Speakers


Faculty Dean
Azamat Zhamanov
Azamat Zhamanov

Suleyman Demirel University

Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Science. Associate Professor, Head of the department. Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, MSc in Education Leadership.

Deputy Chairman
Kenes Barmenkulov
Kenes Barmenkulov

Transtelecom JSC

Kenes Barmenkulov is a Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Organizational Development of Transtelecom JSC. He is an ideological inspirer for employees and acutely knows the team goals and confidently leads people to them. He is an authority in the team, smart, charismatic, fair. He always helps his wards and promotes their career growth.

Head of Marketing
Bakhyt Amanzholkyzy
Bakhyt Amanzholkyzy

Suleyman Demirel University

Bakhyt has her Master’s degree in Communication from Northwestern University, USA and her Bachelor’s in Two foreign languages from SDU. Having experience in media and managing creative teams, Bakhyt want to promote the idea of professional communications in Kazakhstan.

Latest updates

ACM Team

by Admin, April 2021

Team from SDU at Semi Final of ACM ICPC tournament in St.Petersburg!

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